Sunday, September 19, 2010

The "Official" Back to School Post

All three of us have been working hard to get into the school thing - and it has not been easy.  We're out of the house in the pre-sunrise hours and home some days just in time for dinner, others, just in time for bed.

I wish I had one of those gorgeous first day pictures of Chi walking into her school, her classroom, or to the bus... but there isn't one. 

We snapped this quickly as I tried desperately to get the kids off to their before school care locations so I could be at work before my students.
9.7 (first day of 3rd grade)
Notice the books in her hand?  Courtesy of the public library and only a few days overdue.  I think I'm paying for a book a year in fines as we misplace them right before the return date and then hunt them down to take back a wee bit past optimum.  I know, I know, so responsible.

Chi, luckily, has decided that her fears of being "second grade smart, not third grade smart" have diminished, as she has gotten A-B marks on her first few assessments.  She's also getting a routine down between homework, TaeKwonDo, and kid time.
9.7 (first day of school)
Ya has been very slow to settle in at his new daycare/school. He started attending when I went into inservice, and it was rough.  Well, mornings still are.  I've gotten a little more help in distracting my Ya as I try to discretely slip out the door, but every so often, he races out the door before I do and the ladies are forced to run him down.  I usually leave him crying, clutching his monkey beanie baby (it resembles the black and white "Outbreak" monkey), with one monkey paw serving as a make shift pacifier in his mouth. 

He's studying the Abeka curriculum.  Well, I should say that he will be studying the curriculum as soon as his books arrive.  It seems they forgot to document my registration and curriculum fee payment into our account and so we were called out (incorrectly) at Back to School Night.  The books have been ordered, and an apology made, but being that it was Daddy M's first experience with his son's new school, the mistake has not gone over well.  Add to the public announcement, Ya's clinging to his father's shirt saying "no go school, want go home," during the entire presentation by his teacher, and it was a mighty pleasant welcome. 

Despite being unable to find the less expensive uniforms needed for his classes, I did locate a few white collared shirts and blue slacks (with draw strings for the thin!) at Kohl's.  It saves me so much time and frustration in the morning when I have to get him dressed.  And I must admit, he looks darn handsome in his uniform.

After school, he's all smiles.  He quickly puts away whatever he is playing with, pulls his coat from its hook, takes his daily report from Mrs. M, and takes my hand.  "Byeee. Want go bye bye now.  Laura's not here, Laura at school. Let's go!"
9.9 (2bw)

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