Sunday, September 19, 2010

$3.75 Style

It has to be one of the best fashion must haves I've ever purchased.  Except no one has to have a hat.

I didn't pick it out.  Chi did.

It cost me under $4 - tax included.

And both kids L--V-E it with all their stylish hearts.
9.13 (76)
Chi says if I make the pictures black and white, she looks like a secret agent.
9.13 (68bw)
... and if she climbs a tree?  Well, it seems just like a trip deep into the outdoors.
9.13 (53.)
A smirk is always a great pairing with the hat.
9.13 (71.)
As for Ya, well, with those big eyes, he's extra cute in a hat.
9.10 (49.)
...even when he's yelling about something.
9.10 (51.)
What a great accessory to our imaginations!

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