Sunday, September 19, 2010

Murky smirk

Uggghhh.... the word-theme of the week at I ♥ Faces is smirk.  That's one of those expressions that I have trouble defining, but I know it when I see it. 

So, I looked it up at Merriam-Webster's online dictionary and found this:

to smile in an affected or smug manner (with smug using the "highly self-satisfied" definition)

Now if I looked at the etimology of the word (oh yeah, score one for the linguistics class I had to take), I'd have to note that in Old English - smerian - the word meant "to laugh."  Umm... that changes the look I should be getting from my photo victim entirely.

Ya is the master of expression... so there is a plethora of random faces to choose from... but what the heck is a smirk, really?

I went to yahoo's education site and their dictionary included the following "related words":
fleer, repress, guilty

And then I was totally confused. I thought about using one of several close ups, but decided that to really be a smirk, there should be a story in the picture.  The clock, however, decided it was bedtime, so I eenie-meenie'd my choice.
8.27 (no loitering)


Kelly @ In Everything said...

he's a cutie!!! funny shot with the smirk and sign!!

And Miles To Go... said...

what a cutie!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......such cuteness!!! :)

Jessi said...

LOL! Hilarious :) Also, he is a doll!!

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness he is simply ADORABLE!!! I love his expression mixed with that sign! LOL Perfect capture! LOL

(Did I mention how CUTE he is?? LOL)

April said...

What a cute shot. I love it. Great job!

Dawn said...

wow this is awesome! totally made ME smile!! cutie pie too!! love it!!

Tracy said...

Your children are ADORABLE and I LOVE this shot. The sign is perfect and I love his small scale against the big wall. PERFECT!!

Tracy said...

Rachelle, thanks for the comment!! To answer your question on processing, I almost always run "oh snap" from TRA Actions and use a lot of the Florabella Actions which I used on most of my beach pictures. I also love MCP actions, but don't think I used any on these shots. I looke forward to following your blog and seeing you again on I Heart Faces!!