Monday, August 23, 2010

Ya @ VA Beach

8.05 (106)Before the tides came in, he was happy to stand near the water's edge - just past the waves that were crashing and gliding up the shore.

But the tides pushed closer to him. And when they touched his feet, it was OVER.
8.05 (77)
He huffed. He sucked his teeth. And then, I think, he screamed.
8.05 (242)
He moved his bucket and tools further back from the water in frustration.
8.05 (193)
Then he elicited the help of Mommy and big sis Chi to carry buckets full of water to him.
8.05 (186)8.05 (192)
Which he promptly dumped out, so he could hand the empty bucket back to his carrier for a refill.
8.05 (153)

8.05 (189)

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