Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock On!

7.29 (rock on)

My baby has a thing about little tiny baubles.  Not jewels, necessarily.  Anything she can find and fit in the palm of her hand.  She's quite the collector.  At the storage yard, she hunts for things others have discarded: a paper clip, the golden top of a military-type pin, an interesting rock, or anything sparkly.  To anyone besides her, this stuff is junk.  For Chi, though, this is treasure. 

Endless hours have been consumed with her crafting these found-things into trinkets for her Miranda (a caterpillar Littlest Pet Shop mini that replaced the 7+ Tweet Tweet penguins she has had).  [I should mention that LPS retired the entire line of these things because they are the size of some pills and present a serious choking habit.]

I suppose I should be greatful that she has such a unique eye for seeing beauty in the ordinary - appreciating the cast offs that everyone else has snubbed.  I think it shows her spirit.  She loves everyone - even those that others shy away from.  She enjoys the most mundane things and can make them interesting and fun.  And she has an imagination that makes me envy the dreams she must have.  The little gold star pin top, for example, is actually gold coin left by some rich man.

So what if there are little collections of remnants all over her room?

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