Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's happened twice.  My kids have aggravated me to the point of raising my voice in public, standing outside my car, ushering them into their car seats (and seatbelts). Well, that scenario happens often, but what happened twice was the visit from a Witness in the midst of my Mommy-moment.
Out of no where appears a woman holding two publications (Watchtower and Awake).  She hands me her literature and disappears.  And then I pause for a second to say thank you, and am suddenly embarrassed.  Did she single me out because of my obvious frustration at that moment?  I mean, I was so engrossed in my lecture that I didn't see her approach - my complete attention was on the teachable moment my kids desperately needed... I hope I wasn't the only one getting the "gifts."

Anyway, I was drawn to this particular issue's cover highlights.  It promised to clear up the myths about the Jehovah's Witnesses - to expound upon their beliefs.  Interesting enough, right?  I mean, I've no intention of converting, but I love the variances in theology and I enjoy reading about where one's belief diverges from another.

I wont even attempt to review what the publication highlighted, but I'll say that it was an interesting read.  I thought the same thing when I studied some of the western religions in college.  Has it changed me?  No.  But I do feel like I benefit from even this smidgen of enlightenment about what Witnesses believe.  It helps to know so that if there is ever a time in my classroom (or in my kids inquisitions on faith and religion) that the topic of religion comes up, I'm informed.

Hmm... perhaps I'll save the lecture next time, though, for after I get the kids secure in the car and we're a little less under public scrutiny.

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