Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Cleaning

I missed Spring by a long shot... and the house cleaning is calling me with a fervor.  Now part of the delay is due to my depression over the botched Making Home Affordable loan modification initiative I attempted.  We were ultimately approved, but not before the foreclosure was imminent.  Oh, and the bank recinded the modification as soon as we borrowed from everywhere to stay the sale of my home.  How's that for help from the banks?

Anyway,  the children have been actively disrupting their home for quite some time... and I've found that nothing gets the washable crayon off of walls. 
8.8 (10)
I'm finally trying to overhaul the house - painting, tossing, scrubbing, the works. 
And I'd be a lot further along if I didn't have to search for the gloves that my kids turned into water carriers...
8.9 (3)

And at every turn, my little hinderance helper was with me...
8.9 (11.)
8.8 (8)

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