Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A low budget escape (Part ii.4)

They thought of everything. (And because I read all about the features to expect at the zoo, I came prepared. Go 'head Mommy!)

Just inside the entrance of the Virginia Zoo is a water gyser feature that draws kids to it.  Mine were no exception, so after we finished our train ride, the kids switched into their suits and set out to get soaked.
8.06 (241.)
Chi boldly shot into the first unoccupied water spray she found.
8.06 (281.)

Ya was a bit apprehensive.  He tested the water with his hands, chuckled, and ran away.
8.06 (219.)
8.06 (239.)
8.06 (269.)

Then he had a boost of bravery.
8.06 (282.)
Chi discovered that the spray was sometimes quite strong.
8.06 (257.)
And sometimes, she covered it with her feet, lured Ya over while the water was low, and then Chi backed away to soak him.
8.06 (whoa)
Ya decided Chi wasn't quite wet enough.  Payback was hard to achieve, but he tried.
get in
Something tells me the boy was having a blast...
8.06 (273.)
8.06 (286.)
So, apparently, was the girl.
8.06 (278.)
8.06 (279.)
Oh the simple pleasure of a water gyser!
8.06 (255.)

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