Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A low budget escape (Part ii.3)

{prelude: As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning, I have to make a confession... I signed up for an online class called the Blossom Workshop (through Love That Shot).  And I read through the first week's lesson with eagerness and total focus.  Then I set my Canon based on the instructions in my lesson and went outside to find a flower.  Mom'n'dad's yard had a bunch of wild roses, but there is a huge and scary weed-tree growing in the middle of the rose bush - - and the light hitting the bush was harsh.  I attempted a few pictures before feeling defeated.  And though I downloaded the next two weeks' lessons, I never uploaded a single image to the forum.  This student gets an "F."

But, following the examples set by my recent students, I did go back at the end of the course and attempt to complete every assignment that was due.  I knew the instructor wasn't going to grade anything, and that I wasn't going to have the praise of my 'classmates' either, but I finished...}

While traveling the Virginia Zoo paths, we happened upon a series of gardens - each with a different theme and each lush despite the swealtering heat, harsh sun rays, and lack of rain.  The gardens' caretakers must have seriously green thumbs.

Chi started in the Butterfly Garden, but several steps into the slightly overgrown area, she screamed "snake," and ran out.  She refused to go back onto the small path regardless of how many butterflies she might see.  I, however, went in search of her snake and thankfully could not find him.  Confirming that he, like Chi, was scared, I focused my attention on the blooms and the insects that were enticed by them.
I got a little closer to this beauty, who didn't seem to care that I was intruding as he was engrossed in his flower.
The other gardens offered interesting floral combinations, though the moths and bees kept us at a bit of a distance.
8.06 (117.)

8.06 (121.)

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