Thursday, July 1, 2010

Williamsburg Birds

June 25 & 26:

It was like a scene from Ray Bradbury's flick, The Birds.

I've never seen so many ducks and geese in one place!  Perhaps they seemed charming to us when we first arrived at Governor's Green.  They were, afterall, frolicking in the big pond near the clubhouse and added a sort of oasis feel to the grounds.  Check in material, however, explained that these were not welcome resort guests.  DO NOT FEED BIRDS! was one of the flyers among the standard hotel paperwork. 
6.28 (22)
Early in the morning, we were greeted by several feathered guests at the patio of our suite.  Ya was fascinated, but when we opened the sliding glass door to give him a clearer view, the goose closest in proximity tried to come in. 
6.26 (5)
Several other fowl immediately walked toward the entry, thinking there was a new food source.

Later in the day, more than two dozen geese and ducks stopped traffic to cross the street separating  one pond from the next.  And while the cars waited, they just kept coming.
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