Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pack it up

I'm sitting at my computer, but I should be finishing up the task I began... folding up and packing away tiny little clothes that my not-so-little-son wore what seems like yesterday.  Time has swept quickly past me, and I really cannot believe that in just a few short weeks I will be chasing a two year old.  Really?

He reminds me of my Chi, sort of.  She was more social and predictable, always batting her big almond eyes at strangers to elicit conversation and then wowing them with her clear sentences.  Many questioned if that tiny little girl with a big smile could possibly be gabbing away as much as she was.  She was beyond observant - a good studier of the world around her.  And she was, as far as she was able, pretty obedient (except when loose at the aquarium in Baltimore, ugh).

I find myself going into the picture archives more and more.  Combing through the photos of Chi and making comparisons.
easter 04.4
 There weren't nearly as many as I take now, and so she wasn't as burdened by the paparrazo.
And yet every photo speaks volumes about our life then, of the odd couple who formed an instant, symbiotic relationship way back in January of 2003. (Note here: she was born on December 19, but health complications kept mom and babe separate until Dec. 30).

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