Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Because

JULY 1: Just because we could, we ventured down to our private creek.  Yes, I can call it that now, because no one seems to be there when we decide to visit.  The temperature was in the hundreds all day as though the heat had followed us back from Williamsburg. 

Despite the heat, Chi donned her princess hat and skates (no idea why those attached themselves to her feet - totally inconvenient for hills, rocky terrain, and water). 

And Ya wore his sunglasses while Mommy carried his new hat with her.  The hat, a custom made chapeau in aviator style, was Mommy's latest purchase and destined to be a favorite come cooler weather. 
7.01 (87)

7.01 (5)
Eventually, there will be awesome pictures of aforementioned hat... but for now, this is all I got:
7.01 (7)

7.01 (17)

As for pictures of Chi? 
7.01 (81)
I am now being charged.  That's right.  The going rate is somewhere between 50 cents and a dollar per shot (so I click fast, hope the shutter is indistinguishable, and pretend the pose was no good to get a few more possibles in the camera).  She earned $2 on this photo session.


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7.01 (94)
I swear she is the most beautiful young woman I have ever seen.  She radiates from the inside out.
7.01 (2)
She wanted an ethereal feel to this shot, so I PhotoShoped a bit more than usual... I downplayed the color on everything except her clothes and then softened her skin.  Different, but I like it.
7.01 (4)
Since we were at the creek, which has neither tadpole nor fish in its waters, the kids insisted on tossing a few rocks.
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