Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Week in the Life: Day One, Part II

Sunday May 16, cont. 
While at the circus, Chi and Ya killed a cotton candy cone.  A great sugar rush for both, believe it.
5.16 (cotton candy)
On our way out of the Big Top, this festive fellow was selling balloons... If I'd changed lenses, I might have actually gotten his whole persona in the shot. The positive?  I kind of like that his hand is sharp and he is slightly blurred - a happy accident, as I shot while being pushed forward by the exiting masses.  It's my week's Sweet Shot, for sure.
circus 3
When we got back to MomNDad's house, Oma helped Chi into her "wig" - a deflated spiky ball.  Chi channels her inner clown quite well.
5.16 clown 2
And here, a more serene spiky head. (Oh how I love the way you look, my angel.) 
5.16 clown
[Photobug confession: I used my CoffeeShop PowderRoom action in post process. Love it!]

Little man discovered that being dizzy as a result of a good twirl is awesome.
So we repeated it over and over... and over.
5.16 (spin 1)
Until Chi decided that she was no longer going to indulge Mommy's request for a few pictures of our fun.  She got her own twirl on for a bit, too.  Then Mommy's wrists hurt and we had to rain check it for another day. (Would you believe it actually rained on the day we agreed upon?)
No day is complete without a good brother-sister craziness.  Their games make little sense to anyone but them.  Their bond is undeniable.  And I have the pictures to prove it (of course).

Finally, we had a quick meal and headed home to get ready for the weekly grind.


Katy Lin said...

sooooo fun! what an adorable little family you have - and i definitely agree about the clown pic :) amazing!

Tracy said...

Adorable and fun!

McMom said...

These have got to be the most fun photos I have seen all day!

patty said...

your photos are gorgeous... any one could be a 'sweet shot'! lovelovelove the one of Chi standing sideways and this last one of both of them!

SarahinSC said...

Great pics! So fun to look at!

Susan said...

Wow...these were ALL great!! Your children are beautiful.

So nice to meet you!