Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not yet.

Yesterday, Chi got all dolled up before going to school.  She chose to wear this really cute maxi dress in alternating stripes of pink and purple.  It had tank top straps, so I insisted that she also wear a pink open front whatchamacallit with long sleeves. 

It was, apparently, hot, because when I saw my little cherub after school, she was sans the whatchamacallit.  I usually wouldn't have worried... but my kid has these crazy muscular arms and the once-a-little-girl chest is just starting to ever-so-slightly shape itself into her future femininity.  Now she'd be mortified if I mentioned that we're not racing out to get any bras just yet (and I really never understood why you needed to train a bra, anyway).  Oops.
5.23 LC1
I decided to take a few quick pictures of my girl.  Then, as she posed for me, I realized that she's going to have to be cut off from ANTM.  She's so very conscious of the camera, she contorts her little body in these semi-seductive and way-too-old positions that I really don't ever want to see. 
5.23 LC2
She's still my little girl.  She's not allowed to have a boyfriend (but she does, his name is Kendal).  She's not allowed to be interested in teenage things like phone calls and e-mails.  Not yet.  I'm not ready.  

5.23 LC3

And yes, I know I used one too many dashes in this post - - but I couldn't help it.  I'm always killing it with the dash, an ellipse, or a semi colon.)

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