Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Week in the Life: Day Two

Monday: May 17, 2010

Uneventful.  Mondays always are.  I woke up with the alarm at 5:20. I hit the snooze. Five minutes later, I hit the snooze again.  Fifteen minutes later I begrudgingly got out of bed, released the hounds to the back yard, and checked to see if there was any laundry I was supposed to switch from the washer to the dryer.  Routine, mundane, whoo hoo.

Getting the kids together every morning is... interesting.  If Ya is asleep, his dressing process runs smoothly.  Unfortunately, he always seems to wake up when I try to pull his shirts over his head.  Once Chi is really up, she gets her clothes on relatively quickly.  I check her for too small remnants found from the depths of her closet, new play clothes (fresh, permanent stains or tears), and double check that she has clean socks. 

It's the second consecutive "Flex Day," which means I see all five classes during the seven period day.  I complete a Wasabi Suduko puzzle in pen during first period and give up trying to convince the students to get working on the multigrade project due in a week. Procrastination is not a friend... Somehow these 45 minute classes flow quickly by. My usual avoidance of disciplinary referrals is tested, but crisis is averted in a bousterous Seventh period. The day subsides. 

5.17 (1)

While waiting for the turn light to finally signal green... I consider whether or not to pick up Yadon early.  It seems to mess up his schedule when I do, so I delay a bit by stopping at the Club House computer lab.  Hello Facebook, I'm addicted.  Current hook?  "My Tribe."  I collect stardust, moon dust, seashells, stork feathers, and crates washed ashore.  I consider entering I ♥ Faces flowers contest, but instead post a link for others to enter and take a pass.  Again. Hmm, no messages.  What now?  The teen sitting next to me smells like phys.ed.  His music is loud and vulgar.  Time to get Ya? You bet.

5.17 (2)
I drop the kids off at MomNDad's. And it's off to job number two...

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Taylor said...

Sounds very busy so far!