Friday, May 28, 2010

A Week in the Life: Day Three

Tuesday, May 18, 2010:

The schedule at work is all coo-coo due to End of Course exams.  I have the classes written on my board, but it's so mixed up that my structure is disheveled and the students are confused...

I'm staying after for about an hour (no more!) to work with my student editor on the literary magazine.  Surprisingly, I pulled enough poetry from my students to fill a nice size anthology with only a few supplemental pieces from other students in the school.  Nope, that's not ideal -  - I'd love to have more diversity, more advanced contributions, simply more. But that never seems to happen for the publication.  It's the nth hour and I need to speed up the layout process or I'm in big trouble.

Tuesdays are gymnastics days, so I have to take Chi out of class early and book it down the highway.  Tuesday is also taco day. As Chi says, "if we're early" we can stop for a second and grab a snack. 
5.18 taco
Notice a trend toward the unhealthy? 
5.18 chi cheez
I knew we'd made a routine when an older employee at the fast food joint mentioned to her boss, "They come every week."  I think she enjoys our visits, as she always comes by the table to say hi to the big cheese.
5.18 taco cheez
I can only hope this is an almost-end-of-the-school-year trend that is extinguished as soon as summer officially begins.

We head to class with enough time for little gymnast to find herself a cubby and shoot in to the gym for her warm up set.  Most of the time Ya is so crazy at the gym, that we head toward the Boys and Girls Club to play basketball (it was only locked that one time) or enjoy the playground equipment.  We did just that as soon as he started to scream with ... I don't know ... life. 

When he got bored, quickly, we headed back toward Chi's class.  That's when Ya decided to gather every rock he saw.  Some he handed to me. Some he tossed.  One he bit (ouch).
5.18 rock yum
Luckily, we returned in time to see Chi making her way to the top of the ropes.
5.18 rope climb
I was sure to keep my flash off, because last time two parents insisted it could injure the kids on the balance beams.  Seriously?  If they were in competition, flash bulbs would be common place.  As would noise.

Did I mention Ya was potty training?  Well, sort of.  Gram has him in pull ups during the day.  Every once in awhile at home, he begs to be freed of his clothes and diaper to go to the "ba-roo."  I oblige the request (even though he sits on the toilet just long enough to yank down toilet paper and flush, then he promptly wets the floor...but not tonight).

Just another day...

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Taylor said...

That Taco looks so good right now, wish I had one.

Taylor did that whole toiletpaper flush thing and is now starting to actually go on the potty but only if you ask her.