Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some things are learned

My little ones are great observers of the world around them.

And little man is my constant shadow these days (he'll grow out of it when he gets as old as Chi is).

He understands the basics of the camera from me...

and because I spend considerable time on the computer, he learned what to do with it, too.
2.26.10 (pc2)

2.26.10 (pc boy)  

He uses a cell phone quite well and can dial up people with ease.

2.26.10 (cellin')

He's getting the bathroom activities mimicked pretty well too - the only problem is that there's no man in the house for him to copy.  Do you think his uncles will volunteer to demonstrate "men things?"

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Taylor said...

That's adorable! Taylor is my shadow too, she even knows how to turn on the ipod and slide it on! It never fails to amaze me how clever they are and that they really do watch everything we do.