Friday, March 5, 2010

Teething... and Tooth Fairies

This house is busy with the business of teeth these days.  Chi is losing them, then adding in new (dare I say it?) adult teeth.  The tooth fairy must be struggling to keep up with her!
1.30.10 (109)
And Ya continues to cut teeth... 12 are completely visible and the four canines are peeking from the gums.

We added numb gel to the mix with the newest batch of sprouts, because all of them were budding at the same time.  Painful, cranky Ya is no fun!  Unfortunately, numb mouth Ya is not fun either.  
He spent 20 minutes with mouth wide open, drooling, and shocked at the new feeling.
2.9.10 (1)

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Taylor said...

LOL! I love the wide open shots, you don't often get a good opportunity to get a picture of all the teeth!