Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quality Time? For the Birds

The snow is almost completely melted... and the cereal hasn't been consumed and is just about at that stale point when the crunch goes soft.  What does this mean?  Time to visit a local water spot for a bit of bird feeding fun.  Little did I know that Ya is afraid of geese.  I'd forgotten he had never encountered such a big bird before.  Chi, however, has always loved birds - no matter how big and even if they are known to give love bites on the bum.  So my girl was perfectly content to throw a few Cheerios at the frolicking fowl (then eat a handful).

Mommy wasn't the only one with a camera.  In fact, she was put to shame by two guys with super duper lenses for their digis (and one even knew how to manually set everything on his camera.)  I suppose this means I must succumb to the massive manual on my new best friend?

I didn't get any good shots of the kids (as one of them was running on a very rocky pier and the other was too far out on said pier to drag the former nearer to).  But I did capture a few pictures of my feathered companions once I got Ya calmed.

Picture 1266 wings

Picture 1262 gull

Picture 1248 goose


Picture 1233ramp end

Picture 1228 duck

Picture 1222gull

Picture 1226 ducks

Aren't birds amazingly beautiful?

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