Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm no stranger to long periods of being at home with the kiddies.  I LOVE the simple days without a set schedule.  The days when I don't have to wake up to my alarm at 5 a.m., hurry to get ready for work, get the kids up and dressed by 6ish and be out the door by 6:30 a.m. (okay, so it's usually 6:40 by the time the car backs out the driveway, but I try).  The days when I can leisurely serve up a fresh breakfast or entice the troops to eliminate some left overs.  Days when we can elect to take a Chi-inspired adventure to anywhere, everywhere, nowhere at all.  Opportunities to enjoy each other's company without worrying about the hours creeping too quickly toward bedtime.

Oh, this is the life we relish in during the summer time.  This is the life I crave during the hustle-bustle school year when time is short, patience thin, and precious moments are sometimes glossed over in our exhausted and hurried pace. 

Dear God,

Perhaps I should trust you a bit more?  You made these storms for me... you knew I needed a little while to just be "Mommy" and you provided.  How foolish am I for wishing that the sky would stop falling?  If it means just one more minute with my babies, let the heavens send down their worst.  As it is, the streets are clear, the driveway shoveled, and the schools are opening as scheduled next week.  It's okay, though, you know when I've reached breaking point.  You'll make time for me when I need it most.  Time to just be...

2.07.10 (20)

2.09.10 (8)

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