Friday, February 12, 2010


A "typical" morning for a 76-week-old is, well, busy.

I've gotten to watch the busy boy at his most active this week.  This is a different child than I see on the weekends.

Some days when I pick Ya up from Gram, she says he was "spirited" - a gentle code word for him having tested his limits or being defiant and even bratty .

Every day I am told that Ya had a "busy" day.  I take it as code for 'he wore me out.'

And judging from the number of changes in activity in an hour's time (his attention span is equal to that of a gnat or fly - - constantly looking for somewhere to get into things not his own), I get what she means when she says he was "active today."
 2.09.10 (.56)
2.09.10 (.66)
2.09.10 (5.4)
2.09.10 (146)
At least I think this is what Gram means when she says Ya has been "active."

And these shots are just from him playing with his vehicles!  He also shot through his tunnel 50 or so times, played hide and seek in his teepee, fed the dogs, used the stairs as a luge, raided the cabinets, rearranged Mommy's laundry piles, danced to the radio, pulled out all the toys in the toy box, peeked out the windows, played hide and seek in the sheer curtains, modeled his Daddy's hat, and played chef in his sister's kitchen.   

I'm exhausted just recounting the movements of our morning.

 {photos taken Feb 9, 2010}

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Taylor said...

LOL! I always hear from Grandma & Grandpa that "She has so much energy" and I know that she wore them out too.