Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another resident artist

Ya found a blue crayon.  It looked like this one.
2.26.10 (artist's tool)
 He drew me a picture.  Isn't it an awesome piece?
 2.26.10 (artwork)
There was only one little problem.
2.26.10 (artist's canvas) 
The canvas was not paper.  And the artist?  He's the one who pointed to the picture and told me all about it.  He was proud of his work.  And, he was quite motivated.  I have a second and third picture on my shower stall...
2.26.10 (culprit)
Which Ya showed me before he climbed in the shower, closed the door, and could not get out without my help.


Shannon said...

ahhhh.... gotta love the developmental stages of our little aspiring artists! Now... since you know he's interested in art... give him a large piece of paper and praise the heck outta him for drawing on it.. I'm sorry... It's happened to us all!

Taylor said...

He he, what a little mess maker! Magic eraser does a wonderful job with crayon.

Love the new blog look.