Monday, January 4, 2010


The baby center has been a great source of information to myself, the second time Mommy who refuses to admit that she really has no idea how her daughter got to seven years old without her help (and is a pretty spectacular, well-adjusted kid at that!). You see, I can pull up my e-mail and read the weekly reports on what is commonplace for my kid at age whatever weeks.

Well, Ya is now 16 months old (happy unbirthday, sweetheart 12/28) and although I refuse to believe that he is not a genius, he's pretty accurately described by this from
baby center:
"At this stage, your toddler knows he is powerful and he is the center of his world. He uses your attention and amazement and appreciation of his accomplishments to attempt even more. He wants to succeed at everything he tries, though he often won't. You'll catch him attempting to carry objects that are far too heavy or unwieldy for him to handle, but he'll be adamant about trying. Rather than help him, admire his chutzpah and let him cry out his frustrations when he can't do something; he'll keep trying and soon succeed."
Countless times in the past weeks Ya has lifted things far too heavy for his two and a half foot tall self - - most recently, a six pack of sodas, for instance, was far easier to haul than it was to say "drink" or "juice" or "some."
He is determined to step off the top step of our staircase - whether you are prepared to catch him or not.
He is perfectly okay with expressing his frustration by rolling his eyes, sulking at the floor, turning so he can no longer see you looking at him, hurling whatever he is holding (or picking up something to then throw), or even crossing his arms (really, it starts this early?).

He is totally into hide and seek... picture a kid pretending to meld into the wall right next to you (you can't see him if he doesn't look at you, you know?) or hiding behind the sheer curtains with a mischievous grin. And catch? He runs with tippy toes scampering across the floor, little arms out to the side, and a huge dimpled smile with all ten teeth flashed.
Right on target, little man... right on.

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