Wednesday, January 6, 2010


..Just breathe...
Native American Fancy Dance

That's what I tell myself as I feel panic creep into my entire being as I begin to dwell on just how helpless my situation seems to be becoming.

Perhaps I should be telling myself "Pray. Pray on it. Pray for it. Pray because of it." That is what good believers do, right?

But right now, if I can just exhale, I'll feel a heck of a lot better than this lung-clenching, nerve-tingling fear is making me.

You see, in an effort to make things better more comfortable for my family and I, I embarked on what now appears to be a hopeless helpless government program. Perhaps I should have been more resolute in embracing my struggle?

They said nothing good comes easy. Got that right.

And so, right now, I'll try to breathe; Every exhale is an unspoken prayer to Him whom I trust to make a way out of (what right now seems to be) none.

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