Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Morning Recap

This morning we welcomed about 1.5 inches of the fluff - - just enough to cause our commute to be terrible. Now, obviously this isn't the mid west where every snow fall is measured in feet. Combine freezing temperatures with this latest dose of snowfall and you get dangerous driving conditions of roads covered in pretty snow that hides black ice just below the surface.

I spent a rather scary 30 minutes panicking about my little Celica's inability to handle the measly snowfall. I also cursed the school system for electing to provide a mere two hour delay instead of closing entirely and keeping us safely at home. And when I finally arrived at work (after a rather uncomfortable hike down the hill on a snow-covered sidewalk holding my 25+ pound lad and wearing my too cute, but highly impractical workday heels), I had my kids work on rondeaus and sonnets.

Now, if you're not an English teacher (or a devout student of poetry), this means nothing to you...but if you're ever up for a creative challenge, they're two forms that are fun to master.

Here's my sample Rondeau based entirely off of what I experienced this morning:

Upon snow-covered ice did my car sit

Sideways, on a busy street, I knew that was it

Inside, asleep, my son sat unknowing

While mama's anxiety kept growing

With each slide, blood pressure rises a bit.

Wheels spin pointlessly – car please don't get hit

Baby in danger, mama having fits

Phone calls in panic, car backwards moving

Upon snow-covered ice.

Roll a bit backwards, they said to let it

Off the icy patch you will get it

Steering no longer rightly functioning

Hopeless situation its becoming

I see now, my car is STUCK… I quit

Upon snow-covered ice.

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