Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy as a June Bug

[Photo by:
George K. Bryce/
Animals Animals or Earth Scenes]

This is a "June Bug"... also known as a "May beetle." Ugly little scarab, isn't it?

I present him to you in all his ugly glory because of a recent exchange Chi and I had en route to JoAnn's craft store for Christmas Ornament making supplies (yes, we're a tad bit late).

Chi exclaimed yesterday that she/I/someone was "Happy as a June Bug."

Now I, in one of my sarcastic moods inquired, "Have you ever met a June bug?"

Of course, Chi had not, so I continued," so how do you know it's happy?"

She laughed as she thought about this rather odd idiom she'd recited. I continued, amusing her further, of particular note was this quip: "And seriously, it's DECEMBER, if I was a June Bug, I wouldn't be happy, I'd be frozen."

She spouted a few variations of June-bug-isms while we shopped and I silently pondered as to whether there really was such a thing as a June bug.

I suggested, then, that I was instead, "Mad as a hornet," and having had encounters with them, I could assure her that they were miserably mean creatures who are mad when you mess with their homes that they impolitely build on yours.

She created a few fractured idioms each with a June Bug substitution and chuckled at her silliness.

At some point I said to her, "Okay. You've used your word quota for today." This elicited a few snickers from nearby shoppers and peals of laughter from Chi.

Now that I've found a June Bug, which it says appears initially in the month prior, I think he's only a "happy" bug in June because the ugly pest wasn't swatted to death in May...

And today Chi says (after looking at this hideous creature): "You're as pretty as a June Bug."

I'm sure someone thinks it's a beautiful creature., so my dear daughter, thank you for the compliment. You too are as pretty as a June Bug.

I swear, sometimes, I'm just not nice...


Life with Kaishon said...

How clever is she to even think of that analogy! : )

Taylor said...

LOL, great story.

We have June bugs where I live and they are a menace! They don't really do anything but they come out at night and swarm outside lights and if you go out they get in your hair and freak you (me) out lol!!