Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take Out Takes

It's what I often like to yell as i pull my hair out and complain that my batteries are dying say when I demand politely request my darling children to cooperate while I snap a few {hundred} photos. I mean, I've been at it since Chi was three months old, so you'd think they'd know the quicker I get my shot, the sooner I'll put the camera down (I'm stretching the sooner part... get the shot? Try seven more angles and half a dozen new locations, right?). Honestly, I'm not that bad.

I have a few {thousand} out takes that I have hit delete on immediately. A few {hundred} more make it to PhotoShop for potential overhaul tweaking. Most never make it to print and certainly aren't shared... But the cast at IFaces wanted to end the year with a snort guffaw chuckle ROFL belly laugh, so I yanked a couple recent "oops" shots out of the digital circular file. (Although I suspect that the trash is no longer circular, but is a big pixel eating parasite that does not care if you change your mind and affords no opportunity to retrieve the tossed photo and uncrumple it with delicate hands).

Here was my thought with this first shot: great light from the window... a chance to turn off the flash. And then I realized just how fast/much/nonstop my Ya moves. And the grimace on his face doesn't exactly scream "happy boy." And trust, there was a lot of light... so why didn't it work?

In the second shot? I finally got Ya to wear the Santa hat. He's dressed in a big boy button down and turtleneck. He looks good. He's willing to smile for Mommy's third eye [camera].

But someone let him steal a candy cane off the tree and the evidence is all over his face and in his mouth!

Try making this sticky boy look "sweet and tidy" and not like a candy monster.

This third shot is so terrible it's funny. He said the notorious "cheese," but his eyes did the "drunken droopy" that makes this picture a total stinker.

Certainly Chi has a good number of out takes, too.
This fourth shot is one where I let her pick the hair style (OMG) and the pose. And no sooner than she gave me this charming memory, she says, "I'm done," grabs her coat, and heads inside. Gotta love a seven-year-old.


Lyndsey said...

Hi there! I really like the drunken droopy eyed picture, those always make me laugh! What cute kids you have, drunken droopy eyes and all!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable, outtakes and all! I especially love that droopy-eyed cheese picture, and your commentary had me in stitchs! You just made my day!

Life with Kaishon said...

OK seriously. The drunk baby is TOO funny for words. Oh my goodness. I can't stop laughing!

Elena said...

adorable! great job :)