Monday, July 6, 2009

A Visit

When parents are no longer together, the kids they share are often without one or the other for long periods of time [feel free to say "duh" now]. Chi's dad lives across the country, but you might as well say he's both culturally and physically from another world. We've worked hard to remain some odd semblance of friends in order to give our daughter knowledge of just how many people in this world love and cherish her. But it's been three long years since her Dad has hugged or kissed her - - three years of our toddler becoming a young lady that remembers only what she sees in her scrapbook photos. Honestly, the phone call parenting had long since ceased to be enough to satisfy a little girl who desperately wants a Daddy in her life.

Then we got an unexpected call: Daddy was flying into the area just for Chi. It was a much needed, but much too short visit for the two... but plans are in the works to ensure that the years don't become more prevalent than the visits.

Quote of the weekend: "Mommy, he has my same face, huh?"

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