Wednesday, July 1, 2009

@ the Pool

We finally got our pool passes about a week ago and have been to the pool a half dozen times already. It has been awesome to get Ya into the water (which he loves almost as much as his fishy sister, Chi). The giggles he let loose the first time I held him in the water were infectious. He squealed and kicked and splashed his hands: sure signs that I, the non-swimming, non-floating, don't go past 3.6 feet deep cause I'm too short to stand, mother has yet another water baby. Wow.
I think the life guard thinks I am nuts (as do the folk who've seen me out during my 15-20 minute obsessive-compulsive photography shoot each visit). What is wrong with the woman trying to convince her ten-month-old to stay put while she stands in the water with her camera and tries to take a picture? Trust me, ya'll, I wonder the same thing sometimes... but it really is the only way to get the best angle in my shots.

Meanwhile Chi stays completely covered in her essentials: Speedo swim cap, bright orange life preserver suit, and goggles. This is probably good, as shes her itty-bitty-teeny-wienie bikini... and I think it is a bit too grown for her.

And I know my baby girl isn't the little adult that her intelligence and inquisitive perceptiveness might make her out to be, so I'd really like the rest of the world to see her as the kid wearing child-appropriate clothes for as long as possible. (Of course, the pose she picked for the shot below without the cover gear doesn't help, does it?)


Joy Howse said...

OH MY GOSH!! that pic of Ya by the pool is SO ADORABLE!!!! I thought my little guy would be a water baby since he was born in the water and out of my three kiddos he LOVES bathtime A LOT. But instead, he CAN'T STAND the water!!! Hoping he warms up to it soon so that each trip does not have to end in such frustration.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Hi Rachelle,

I read a bit about you on so thought I'd stop by to visit your blog and say 'Hi'! The description you wrote under your photo is just too funny! Love the part about procrastinating! I don't know your kids names but your baby sitting up there is just a cutie by so calm and natural, bet he wasn't that way on the day you tried to capture a good shot huh? LOL. He's precious! I too love photography, but can't seem to read my camera well. I am an ameteur with a camera more than I can handle or take to it's potential. But I'm determined to learn the ropes!! God willing!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

I found your blog from I heart faces. What a fun blog!

Shannon said...

You are brave... I don't take my camera in the water... i would be the one to drop it! Smart, too, though... these shots are lovely! Just lovely!! I'm so glad I found your blog through I heart faces! I've enjoyed every minute of it so far!