Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Story In Photos: The Patriotic Edition

The folk at I Faces are making this a vacation week. No contests, just sharing the "My Story In Photos: The Patriotic Edition".
I suppose this means that words should be minimal and images plenty? Below is our very literal interpretation of celebrating the Fourth of July... waving flags and setting of fireworks.
Here goes:

Now, that was a celebration.

Of course, we're also mindful of the men and women who gave us our independence and who continue to protect and preserve it. I come from a large military family. My father served in the Marine Corps for most of my childhood and we spent many an Independence Day on various military bases with sparklers in our hands. Uncles, cousins served and continue to do so (some have done several tours in Iraq, Vietnam, and the Gulf War). And my grandfather "Poppy" was a Tuskegee Airman that received countless awards for service, was a prisoner of war in Germany, is mentioned in several historical references, received a Purple Heart, and sacrificed himself for our country. As a military brat, crisp uniforms, freshly shined shoes, and salutes were a part of life. So was the relocation from state to state. One thing remained the same, however, sparklers were always readily available for us in whatever neighborhood we were residing - even if fireworks weren't available or were not allowed. It was a constant that this brat appreciated.

While we may only hold our flags, pinwheels and sparklers on this day, we know that we are blessed to be in the USA. To our servicemen: thank you for serving your country and giving us a reason to celebrate the USA.


Becca said...

Oh beautiful pictures (as always) and I love the post too!

kaTie said...

looks like a lot of fun. your pics made me smile.