Thursday, July 23, 2009

Constant Climb

If I needed a metaphor for the stage of life I am in right now, Ya has provided it. My life is a constant climb. I'm not on a ladder, because that would imply I could see the top rungs and the trip was straight (up or down) on a carefully designed architectural contraption.


Instead, my ascent is reminiscent of the gospel song "Rough Side of the Mountain." I remember when they used to sing that in church and I couldn't help but think, Why not walk over to the smooth side if the rough side is too much? How naive I was then.
So anyway, I'm on this mountain climbing trek without the convenience of pulleys or perfectly fitted spiky climbing shoes.

You might say I have a safety belt on, it's connected on one end to my family and to my faith, and it provides a gentle assurance that even if I slip my footing a little, I'll have some help to get me firmly planted again.

And as Ya has proven, somewhere at the top of this climb, just past the peak is something so enticing that I'll keep on reaching toward it.

Now, if those clouds covering the peak would part just a little so I had an idea of just how far I have to get...

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Shannon said...

great analogy! CUTE pics!