Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Face Painting Fun

Chi loves to create. She loves history. The two combined the other day when Mommy brought home a face painting kit. Her new persona? A runaway slave on the underground railroad. Now Mommy didn't know this would be the character of choice when she was painting Chi's face. Otherwise she wouldn't have opted for the bright butterfly-esque effect. But a fleeing slave she became once the scarf was wrapped around her hair and the pretty new dress was donned.

The story as best as I can recollect is that Chi was working hard for "the boss" but he was mean.
So she ran away and traveled in rivers and streams toward safety. She could see freedomland in the distance, but the boss was on her trail. Now, of course, her version was much more colorful, as was her term for Underground Railroad. And though I wrote that term down somewhere, the scrap of paper has eluded me.

Now I can only imagine that this newly shared "history" was a lesson in school at some point in the last two years. Chi missed the finer points of the history of enslavement in the United States, though she knew that the "really tall president on the money" said something that stopped it. She's six and there is plenty of time to refine her understanding of what occurred, why it occurred, and why it is still so important to learn about.

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