Friday, March 6, 2009

Quiet Storm...

I never quite understood how a storm could be quiet. I mean, what kind of storm is worth the name if it's not booming thunder, clapping rain drops and whirring trees? Well, I suppose that it's the kind that brings the fluffy stuff. Like the blanket we were blessed with this past week.

You'd think that with TWO snow days, I'd have written several blog entries. Instead, I had a permanent fixture at my computer: my six year old spent hours playing various Noggin and Nickelodeon games. [And the bad parenting award goes to???]

We didn't dare venture out on the morning of the heaviest snow fall, initially electing to watch the snow fall, the wind swirling snow flakes around rooftops and the pavement temporarily white washed, from the comfort of our home.

But fearing that the passersby might trample the beautiful covering with dog and boot prints, we bundled up my beauty and ventured to a clearing to snap a few images of Chi in her non-winter fancy. Chi squashed my ideas of a hearty shoot early by declaring "I'm going inside. It's cold out here." and then quickly dancing toward the house. (I'm quite surprised she felt anything, as underneath the skirt and fleece was a pair of jeans and a hearty winter coat.)

Following that pronouncement and departure, Chi contented herself indoors. No snow ball fight, no snow person. Nothing could lure her back outside.

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