Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our man God... a conversation

Last week Wednesday, after our two day hiatus from school on account of the fluffy white stuff, Chi came home talkative and inquisitive. She always does this when I'm driving and I almost wreck trying to jot down what she says before my mommy-brain-damage kicks in and I forget the precious things she says...
recorded 3/4/09

Chi: Does God have a sister?

Mommy: Uh, I don't know...

Chi: I know, the Nature Spirit.

Mommy: Mother Nature?

Chi: Yeah, that's her.


Chi: God's the coolest person in the whole world. I like God even though I can't see him. He lives in the sky.


Chi: I wish when I die I can go in the sky with him. Sometimes God might give you more life. He can do that. That used to happen in the way past.

Mommy: You mean when cave men were here?

Chi: Not when cave men, after them.

All this because the movie of choice at her school that day was Prince of Egypt? Thank goodness it wasn't some secular slop or who knows what conversation she'd have churned up. I must say that she was paying attention last year in the Christian school she attended. All the Biblical lessons they taught have been things to ponder for her and she is slowly sharing her determinations. She knows the most incredible things about faith!

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Joy Howse said...

Love the picture, she is too adorable in that hat.