Monday, March 2, 2009

Not I

After last week's hiatus from Not Me'ing (yes, it's a verb now), you'd think I'd be roaring to go... but it's 1:28 a.m. and I'm sitting in my room wide awake and excited about today being a much needed, much anticipated SNOW DAY. And the Not Me's? I'm having a bit of memory lapse thinking of the things I did not do this week. Hmmm....

I did not discover that my very important, favorite Christmas gift is very broken. I just new it was safely guarded from damage (until it fell of my bed in between photo shoots). And of course, I have not been trying to find a reasonably priced comparison to replace my lense because I am totally not addicted to the fabulous picture taking results it produces. I am also not using the broken lense by holding it pressed against the camera body as I shoot... because, again, I am not addicted to the awesome images it helps me create.

I am not wondering how I didn't realize how much I missed sharing my bed with my precious little girl. I think hearing the combined snores of two children beside me is absolutely lovely, though I would never tell those anti-co-sleeping folk I know how much I love it.

I am not absolutely giddy about today's snow day. I have been blessed with a great job and should want to be there all the time, right?

I have not turned on Michaels in favor of the new and improved Joanne's Crafts. The latter has the entire line of K & Company stickers and a new line by Crayola that is "Wild"ly addictive (and conveniently matches Ya's room decor). I did not cave and go to the store under the guise of spending a 40 percent off coupon and come out of the store with $50 worth of stickers and page bling for my terribly behind scrap books.

I do not visit random stores with Ya becuase I relish in the "He's sooooo cute" comments that he always gets. I am not thoroughly enjoying that people think he looks like me and therefore every compliment is indirectly testifying to my own good looks (right?). And Ya's super huge, gummy smile does not attract folk to him like bears to honey or flies to poop (eww, did I just say that? What a terrible simile).

I have not increased tummy and sit up time with Ya in anticipation of a photo shoot with the fabulous Lisa Julia because his willingness to hold these positions will produce cuter images. I am not obsessed with photographs. Not me!

I am not blaming every slower-than-anticipated milestone Ya reaches on his 3-week-early arrival or his being male. All good things take time, right? And those silly charts are just estimations...

I am not totally in awe of God's power to protect and keep us. This past week has seen the miracle birth of little Samuel (God hears and answers prayers, doesn't he?). This charming little man couldn't wait to make his grand entrance in the world, so he arrived 10 weeks before he was supposed to. And as we pray about his health, he thrives!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I would also tell you how cute he is. He's adorable! Enjoy your stickers- you must have got a lot!

carma said...

bummer about your Christmas gift :-( Hope you are able to get a new lense. Your photos are wonderful :-)

Ashley said...

Your kids are adorable! I totally go to scrapbook stores expecting to spend just a little and always spend a lot!

Great Not Me's! said...

I love how you are NOT doing tummy time to prep for pix! Funny ")