Friday, February 6, 2009

Scaly, Itchy, Just Plain Icky


It was a condition that made taking pictures of Chi a delicate endeavor for her entire first 18 months. Breakouts marred her beautiful face and Mommy knew these were not the images Chi would want to look back on. So whenever breakouts ceased for a brief and welcome day or two, Mommy's camera came out and a plethora of photos were captured to preserve her growth.

She's grown out of most of the condition's symptoms, although dry skin still plagues her.

Now Ya is suffering from the scaly itchy icky. But, thankfully, his outbreaks are on his legs and arms - not on his precious, handsome face. No shortage of pictures for my baby boy!

Unfortunately, though, Dr. L has suggested that traditional submersion bath times be traded for sponge baths or quickies. But like Chi, Ya is a water baby.

So tonight, I let him play, relax and enjoy. He wont fit his temperature controlled super baby spa much longer, so I figure a real bath is warranted sometimes. And after? Dry off, Aveeno oatmeal lotion massage, warm clothes and a snack before bed time.

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Love your blog! So pretty. I will be back. :)