Monday, February 9, 2009

Never I

A warm weather shot at the park from this weekend:

And now,

Welcome to the opposite game of therapy and confession that MckMama hosts every week! It's free, it's easy, it's a release...

I did not decide that after only two hours of time sans baby, beginning the work/school/daycare week was looking pretty appealing. I love spending time with my kids and I enjoy the opportunity to dedicate my time to their pleasures. What kind of mother would relish in the brief break of daycare?

I did not get my taxes and then spend hours plotting how to pay the bills while still splurging a bit for Chi and I. Afterall, we've not been living the frugal life for months in order to pay down my debt. It's amazing how a little restraint makes you so darn eager to spend frivolously!

I did not spend a half hour trying to pick out the perfect Valentine's Day cards for my family members. I do, of course, have a wall full of card stock and a closet full of themed stamps for that very purpose. I also always have my hands free, my creativity on point, and my motivation at a super sonic high.

I did not decide that the whole Groundhog Day ritual was hogwash when the temperatures hit near 60s and we had to take off coats or risk sweating to death outside. I did not strip my kids down and hit up the park for the third time in this past week so they could play and I could photograph them without complaints.

I did not discover that Ya's taste buds are on hyper sensitivity when I fed him what I was eating all weekend. He did not gobble down carrots, peas, noodles, and grapes like a toothy pro despite having only gums in his drooly mouth. I did not get a kick out of watching him push his bottle away in favor of the fork full of food I was eating. And of course, I was not determined to keep my food all to myself because it was good and he'd already eaten.

I did not discover that Ya has made his parental preference and savor the fact that it is Mommy he chose. It's important for kids to have quality relationships with both parents, right?

I did not surprise myself and my family by agreeing without reservations to let Chi attend a sleepover with her friend. I've screened the family, I trust them with her, and Chi tells me everything. And so it's okay to let her enter the world of girlie rituals with a Slumber Party.

I did not discover that though all things blogging, social, fun are blocked at work, I could still attach my Not Me's to "Mr. Linky" on MckMama's page because she has a dot net base page. I do not sometimes read the cover page of the blog that way despite the savory pictures being Xd out because photo servers are also blocked.


Joy Howse said...

Very cute Not Me post. Hope you have a great week.

Kameron said...

My hubby was so upset when my son went through the only mommy phase. He would say our son loved me more. I kinda felt bad for him, but it was so funny when he would cling to me and say no daddy!