Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not get so thoroughly engrossed in writing drafting a blog entry in my bathroom pumping station that I forgot I was pumping and leaked the liquid gold as the bottle overflowed. Really, I use that time to think about the important task at hand...

I did not have a craving for McD's plain ice cream Sunday, Taco Bell chalupas and McD's French fries at the same time. In 37 weeks of pregnancy I had not one weird food combination desire. But now that Ya's here? I am a culinary mixing freak.

I did not have the following conversation over a certain Christmas present:
M: Look at that. You threw your coat in the recycling bin.
Me: Not on purpose. That's just where it landed.
M: Wow. Next I'll see it in the trash or ripped.
Me: (smiling) I'm better with jewelry.
M: (silence)

I did not thoroughly enjoy testing out my amazing make up artist techniques on Chi who then transformed into an Egyptian/East Indian goddess. And Chi for one two brief hours allowed me to snap pictures to my heart's content while she danced and spun and acted her part. Oh how I miss it being Mommy and Chi play time!
I did not subject Ya to multiple tummy time positioning to test my "it's a fluke" theory about his ability to roll over. You'd think that after the first two roll overs Mommy'd get the point that he didn't want to lay on his tummy, right?

I am not still amazed at how well Chi has mastered the monkey bars. My own little monkey? Yep, the little gymnast is quite good at swinging, jumping, and flying like those cute zoo creatures. Maybe it's because I spent so long working on a photodocumentary at the Oakland Zoo while I was pregnant? That's got to be it, I'll credit blame OZ for her talents.
I did not decide to show off my photojournalistic dedication by laying under playground equipment to shoot a picture of Chi with the beautiful sky as the background. I did not then discover that in my old age, it was a lot easier to get on the ground than it was to get off it.

4 comments: said...

Cute post! Adorable little ones!


Anonymous said...

I loved when you said you were better with jewelry! LOL

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Great list! I am now craving a chalupa!!!

Alicia said...

Yummy Taco Bell! They are too cute! Great Not Me's! Love the pictures!