Monday, February 16, 2009

So Not Funny

I miss being funny without trying. You know, possessing that sort of tongue in cheek, sarcastic humor that makes people pause the conversation to think
"Wait, what did she just say?"
"Did she say what I think she said?"
"Does it mean what I think she meant?"
or even,
"Uh, I don't get it, but hopefully she's not insulting me."
The last is my favorite. Pepper your speech with a multisyllabic word and the effect is a savory stumper, especially for modern teenagers. I used to do that often. Then I birthed Chi. I think it gave me brain damage. Why else would my panache for vocabulary sizzle fizzle out? (Much like my failed dinners that end with me fanning the fire alarm to convince it to shut up its mocking, blaring beeps)

These days it's hard work being funny. And I don't want to work. At all. Not even if they paid me... oh wait, if someone is paying for humor, I've got a routine just waiting to be bought somewhere in the grey mush in between my ears.

On possessing tongue in cheek humor?

With my braces, I'd hit metal and cut myself. That'd hurt. Seriously, though, people don't get sarcasm. If I have to identify it, it's no longer funny. If it's not funny to me anymore, then all I've done is wasted words. Remember, I have brain damage. Words are sparse. They tend to get lost in the grey mush. (Especially when I'm mad or when I really wanna throw a zinger at a "duh" question - - then my wit is too slow to have the desired effect.)
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What happens to our brains when we become mommies?
It took me so many years to find my brain again!