Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday


I did not determine that the only way to be one of the first posters on MckMama's Mr. Linky was to spend 24-hours a day refreshing her page. I did decide it's just not that serious, and so I am content with being in the hundreds each week. I did not then race to her page and post my name first with a blank blog entry then return to type up what I had been planning in my head... because being in the 200 range is not cool :(

I do not suffer from serious blog envy when I surf through the many awesome sites people have out there. I do not secretly wonder if people are reading what I say about my kids and my life. I do not spend an unusual amount of time writing and editing my posts to ensure they are "worthy" of a read. I have not decided that every post needs a photo because it just looks better.

I did not throw a snow ball that landed right in my daughter's face. The one and only connect I make almost takes an eye out! How's that for aim?

I did not wish and pray for a snow day today, Monday, so that I didn't have to use more sick time to take Ya to another follow-up for the never ending cold/cough/breathing issues we have been dealing with. I swear I love when my baby is healthy.

I did not rush the kids to church on Friday to ensure that we were amongst those listed in the new directory. Laura was "in" the last one, but you can't see her there because she was in my belly :) We do not have a second photo to take with the extended family to add to the portrait wall in my parent's house. I cannot wait to see the new picture on the wall next to those of my parents, brothers, and I from so many years ago.

I did not get unnecessarily upset at Chi because she was not cooperative at Sears Portrait Studio yesterday. We do not take a new picture every time I go to pick up the prints because the 30 minute drive is not worth it unless we add extra tasks. Of course, each new picture adds a new trip, so it'll never end. But hey, at least one 8x10 is free each time, right?

I am not counting down the days until my Federal Tax Return money comes in so that I can register for a few classes at the Washington Institute of Photography. I am not already planning out my sitters and plotting how I can afford a few new camera accessories and flash set ups. I am not growing increasingly envious of those ubber-talented people out there already professionally working as lifestyle photographers.

I did not take a few minutes to ponder why there is always only one sock on my son's foot. I do not think that the missing sock has just decided to begin his travel early to that pkace the other single socks go when they leave their pairs during the wash cycle.

I was not amused at the "hyperactive" side effects of Huffenpuff on my son. I did not thoroughly enjoy playing airplane with him while he laughed and smiled and showed no signs of the health issues he's been battling lately. I did not wish I could see this side of him when he wasn't high on inhaled albuterol because I know this is his real personality shining through.

I am not more in love with my kids everyday :)

And now for Project 365:
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Joy Howse said...

I never make it in the top 100 and have given up trying. I need to work on my post so I can at least get it posted on Monday. That is the big goal of the day. :) Jealous of the photography classes. Wish I could do the same but my money has to go to a darn root canal and crown - ouch!! I always hated the side effects of the albuterol, but was worth it to see them breathing better again. My little guy spent most of last night wheezing and I am worried we are going back down the same path as my older two did. Why can't I get one kid that doesn't have asthma problems? UGH!!

Sunny Mom said...

This is a great honest Not Me's and I am not ashamed to say I too wish I had better photography skills and writing skills so that my blog funner! I am new to the blog world and it is kind of addicting!

Kari said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Oh how I adore comments! And, please feel free to come back BEFORE I have the baby!! he he! I LOVE both names...but my favorite, I have to admit is Audrey! And the hubs favorite is of course Addison. So, we will just have to wait and name her when she is born! I
By the way, love your blog! The Sears Portrait Studio thing was way funny!