Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Months....

Mommy's little man is getting old! Today mark 5 full months of life outside the liquid bubble.

He adores his big sister.
He's survived his first real cold.
He's babbling up a storm.
Taking on the code name "arms strong," he's pulling anything he can into the open mouth.
He's seen his first snow (although it was only as we raced out of the daycare, into the car, out of the car, and into the house).
He's shown us his moods - and there are many.
He's picked a favorite toy.
He propels himself into a sitting position if seated partially reclining on pillows.
He loves to stand (assisted) and bounce.
He's able to lift his torso off the ground during tummy time (but just can't get the legs to cooperate with forward movements).
He's loving mashed potatoes, tomato based soups, and rice cereal (but only if it's made with breast milk).He's "eaten" his first McD's cheeseburger.

Project 365
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