Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things

A friend on Facebook tagged me, so for once I actually sat down and replied.

1. My absolutely favorite thing to do is... I don't know... it depends on my mood.

2. I play the Sims - any of them: I,II,III, Urbz - for hours at a time. And Chi loves to watch me. I might be addicted, but I don't know.

3. I have a 9 foot wall of scrapbooking supplies just waiting for me to stop buying and start creating.

4. At last count, I have 4 SLR camera bodies, 4 digital 35mms, and a few other weird film cameras that never see the outside of their boxes... and yet I really want to upgrade my Digital SLR collection one more time.

5. I like to indulge myself whenever possible. This usually means I buy what I want when I want without consulting my bank account and suffer for it later.

6. I've never really had a best friend, except my mother, whom I absolutely adore and would not trade off for anyone else.

7. My favorite color used to be aqua blue... but these days I LOVE LOVE LOVE orange in every shade.

8. I planned my wedding in sociology class in 12th grade... I haven't diverged from that dream plan in all these years, and I'm still not married. Perhaps I'll just have a ceremony for me and my kids :)

9. I'm obsessed with photography (see #4) and am rarely without my camera at events or on weekend travels. I've been accused of sleeping with a camera or having it surgically attached to my head...

10. I'm under 5 foot tall, but I have a superiority complex that makes me feel much larger... then I stand near other people and have to shout commands at them while craning my neck toward the sky.

11. Most people who know me really know nothing about me and yet I am an open book on my blog (an extension from column writing days of yesteryear.) I love reading the comments people write and I could spend days reading other people's blogs.

12. I like to be in pictures, but have yet to find a photographer who makes sure 100% of the time that the following happens: double chin is not showing, excess anything is hidden, smile is present but nose still looks unflared, clothes are unwrinkled and necklace fasteners face the back. Perhaps I'm just too hard to shoot? Or maybe my vision of what I look like is different than what the camera records.

13. I'm wearing braces at 29 years old to fix one crooked tooth that the whole maternal side of the family has... and the braces messed up the teeth I was okay with to fix the one terrible tooth... wow, vanity.

14. I have thousands of photos from every month of my children's lives and hope they'll enjoy seeing themselves as precious, beautiful, and loved as I do every day they have lived. I also hope they'll forgive my paparazzo tendencies or at least accept the journalist in me as alive and well.

15. I cannot wait to take a few more portraiture classes just for me. Being in the darkroom was serene and comforting. Being an artist was enriching and pleasurable. Pursuing my interests and building my talent is always a treat.

16. I type with one finger. Surprisingly, I type fast. I memorized the keyboard and am addicted to my computer and the internet. I can type with a bouncing baby in one arm.

17. Some of my favorite moments as an adult have come as a Mommy... I cherish all things about my babies - their smiles, their voices, their eccentricities, even their tendencies to demonstrate their independence and "show out" at the most inopportune times.

18. The only times I've ever received flowers were after giving birth and as a thank you from students. I've never gotten them "just because I love you." And once, I got one flower from a bouquet intended for me on Valentines Day because of a miscommunication fight. The rest were held hostage.

19. I collect things - anything - and can never have just one of anything I like.

20. I cannot read a magazine, book, or newspaper that has been folded, creased, or slightly soiled before I got it. This includes library books, used textbooks, and those available in stores (even if the last copy). I've always hated annotating a book and feel weird requiring my students to do so... but keeping a reading journal is perfectly fine.

21. I've never been to Disney World. I desperately want to go. And the kids can join me if they'd like...

22. I'm glad my friends are all having babies now and our kids can hang out. After all, I've screened these kids' parents already:) After kids it's rare to have adult time without feeling guilty.

23. I don't like newborn babies. They're hard to figure out. I love when they get to the interactive stages and we can play.

24. I'm a hypochondriac - describe an illness and I'll either have symptoms or diagnose someone I know with it. This is why I quite taking psychology classes. I also freak out about the sight of blood on myself or my kids... but on someone else? No worries.

25. I have a strong dislike of all things chocolate - the taste, and the smell are nauseating. I also avoid peanut butter and caramel. I have a weak sweet tooth and rarely eat a whole donut, a bag of candy, or anything else with high sugar.

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