Thursday, January 29, 2009

Days 25...28 (second shot)...29

Somewhat late to post, but I'm on track so far :) Sometimes it's hard to ensure that I get the camera out. I get wrapped up in my family and lose track of time. Then it's midnight and I've missed the day! Add to it that I've noticed my camera is off by a few hours and the dates are sometimes skewed as a result. YUCKY.

Project 365

Today was particularly interesting for Ya. Daddy brought home some baby food veggies and Ya tried bananas. He ate the entire container in one sitting! No yuck faces like big sister Chi who detests the taste (and smell) of bananas. Nope. My Chub Chub kicked his legs in anticipation of each spoon full and sometimes his crazy little hands successfully grabbed the spoon and sped up Mommy's attempts at mess free feeding. Now mind you, today's feeding included a super sized serving spoon that Chi got for us when Mommy asked for help with baby brother. It worked, but it sure was hard to keep Ya from trying to fit the whole thing in his mouth.

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Joy Howse said...

Love all the pics, but I think the first one is my fav. That hat is just too darn adorable. :) Thanks again for sharing them.