Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big bad wolf...

Ya has continued to suffer from a lingering coughing and so our follow-up and well baby turned into a sick baby visit. We arrived on time and assumed our position on the "sick baby" side of the pediatricians office (even though he is just now 5 months old and young babies his age go to the well baby side as a precaution). Dr. L, who likes little Ya, saw us and thought he was coming for the well baby. He looks healthy enough, of course.
Instead, though, he read through the nurses comments then made me repeat my concerns and issues. I listed them:

he wakes up multiple times each night with coughing fits
he wheezes after eating and sometimes coughs up his meal
the inhaler creates more coughing
the coughing has lessened, but only if we never leave the house
the daycare says he coughed up his meal and - as a bonus - phlegm
though he is smiling and active, he's just not being the Ya that we'd gotten so fond of
We took a test for RSV, which thankfully returned negative. As Ya tore up the paper on the examination table, I was told that "He's active and alert that's a good sign."

Then came the family history questions... yes, we answer them as new patients, but the docs always seem to want you to verbalize every health issue you've been plagued with. With the yes response to "Asthma or allergies in the family," Dr. L prescribed an in house breathing treatment of something called Zopanex because "he is quite wheezy." The hope here was to lessen the distress he heard in Ya's lungs. For 10 minutes I fought with Ya trying to get a cup (the most sanitary method of masking a child) over his nose and mouth so that the misted meds could get into his system.
And now we've added a personal nebulizer to Ya's medical arsenal. It's called a "Huffenpuff" and it came with stickers so he can decorate it when he's older.

Poor Chi blames herself for the most recent series of doctor's visits. She said "I'm the worst big sister ever." I'm trying to alleviate her guilt. We are all dealing with colds and no one knows who got it first. Ya's just little, so it is worse for him. It's something I must've said that makes her fault herself.

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Joy Howse said...

Both my older two had to use a nebulizer, no fun. They would scream though the whole thing and wiggle and try to get away. The dr. always said that screaming was the best because then the meds would get deep in their lungs. Not best for mommy's nerves though.

I pray that Ya will be feeling 100% soon. Chiro really seemed to help both of mine with their asthma and allergies. Might want to look into it.

My little guy loves to eat the paper on the exam table. Something about the crinkling that draws them to it. :)