Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Never have I looked forward more to the care free days of Winter Break. This year I intend to spend each day off doing something for me. (Is there such a creature after kids?) Now of course this means that the kids will be in close proximity, but at least I'll have time for doing what I've wanted to but couldn't since returning to work.

My first effort? Read the books I have collected about posing, children's photography, and lighting.

Second? Practicing with my new camera lens (that is coming to me Christmas day from a very important "MaClaus" who has returned for her 29-year-old kid just for this purpose despite giving whatever she has regardless of the occasion all year long).

Third? Scrapbooking the last months of Chi's "5" book and catching up on the first 4 months of Ya's "0" book. How can I already be behind? Easy. Too much stockpiling of supplies and very little productivity with using them. Too many pictures and too few journalings explaining them. Too much inspiration and not enough personal stimulation.

Fourth? Teaching Ya to make the most of his tummy time and sit up time so that he's well prepared for his Easter portraits with Lisa. Yep, that's the landmark we're hoping to hit... I want beautiful pictures for cards to mail out to all my family and friends (which we didn't get for Christmas).

Of course I know that you're thinking "Didn't she just take pictures?" Yes, I did just drag the kids out for pictures. But only Chi got portraits done for turning six and those were done at a department store (YUCK). You should read about the difference between department store pictures and those done by portrait artists...

I want the pretty outdoor, casual and carefree shots Lisa creates... and the fairy sprite shot we wanted of Chi protecting Ya in the woods... So I'm hoping to schedule pictures for early Spring. But enough about that subject :)

Fifth? I need to sort out my terrible finances and figure out how to sign up for a few classes to improve my own photography skills. Someday when the current JOB gets OLD, I hope I'll be able to have my own clients using my photography services.

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