Friday, November 14, 2008

eleven weeks and 1 day

We're eleven weeks and 1 day old! Here's what's new in the world of Ya:

  • he's paci particular - - the blue gummy one used most often because it has a bungy cord is the only one that soothes.

  • without the blue paci (because the parents temporarily misplaced it), only a fist will suffice, and then only for a brief time.

  • we're having conversations these days. sometimes we are excited and shout or squeal, sometimes we sigh out a babble or two, and sometimes we just "talk". Daddy swears he says his name "Ya" and Mommy gets words of frustration if food service is too slow for baby's preference.

  • we've settled little man into his daycare routine. he is content (enough) in his crib and is usually sleeping when mommy comes to pick him up.

  • Daddy has gotten totally into the diaper changing, bottle feeding duties all new parents have to gain a knack for. He's also discovered just how fun it is to plan little man's wardrobe before he makes public appearances.

  • Mommy continues to take hundreds (okay, thousands) of photos and has yet to filter through them to find the really good ones. Instead, she prints a bunch of them and files them for the eventual scrap book page she hopes to create.

  • Chi likes her brother. She thinks we should keep him. She says he's the greatest Marques Yadon ever... she didn't understand that he's the only one we know of... We think she's the perfect big sister.

  • PopPop figured out the secret to making Ya smile. Mommy just hasn't gotten it right yet... but she waits with the big black eye for even the slightest glimpse of an upturned lip.

  • We're sleeping through the night except for when hungry. After a meal, we go back to sleep (YEAH!!!!)

  • Ya is a heat seeking crawler. No matter where he is placed on the bed, he will end up nestled next to Mommy or Daddy. He seems to find Mom easier, though, because she apparently smells like dinner.

  • in 11 short weeks, this Mommy and Daddy pair have fallen totally devoted, unconditionally in love with the wonderfully perfect little man they created together.

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