Monday, November 10, 2008


It goes without saying that I adore my Chi. She is beyond good to her totally fallible mother who these days spends a lot of time doing the wrong things. Right now Chi is hiding somewhere in the house sulking because I set her on the impossible task of locating the missing Tarzan DVD that has walked away from its case and entered the twilight zone. I've called her a few times, but since she thinks I'm mad at her and she is very mad at me, she's not answering. I suspect I need to go treasure hunting. At the end of the rainbow I'll find my precious Chi. What's a few dozen scratched, broken or missing DVDs worth anyway? Certainly not more than the feeling I get from one smile or one hug from my baby girl... And just let her say "I love you Mommy Rachelle" and I'd buy a dozen copies of each destructed DVD all over again just because she wanted me to.

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Keyona said...

I would do the same for my Princess.