Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have that disorder that causes moods to shift with the weather... being an English teacher, I should know what it's called, but I don't. In fact, it's surprising I have this gig as a teacher of language arts, because I am terribly gifted (or guilty) at making up words. But that is not my point in this post, and I'm not wanting to digress too far for too long.
I'm listening to the really strong winds rattle my window's screen as heavy drops of rain pelt the window. Can you believe Chi actually wanted to go to the park in this weather? She settled on watching the brain breaker we call T.V., but at least she's smitten with Noggin and I can pretend it's not tainting her budding mind too terribly.
I'm wondering how to convince my two very pampered IGs to go outside to do their business (Lord knows how much I dislike cleaning cages). As soon as the first one out the door gets hit with a rain drop or gets his feet wet, it takes a lot of quick hands and shoving to get them both back out the door...
Ya had been having a relatively quiet day, having eaten at 4:40, 6ish, 9am and 12pm. With his frequency, the sessions are just minutes of nibbling that I'm sure aren't filling him up. If he does get too full, he has a pretty good overflow valve that works quickly. Trust me, I have the laundry filled with my soiled shirts to prove it. Why is it that when I have the burp cloth (on the rare occasion I can find it) he just burps, but if I don't have it or it's not placed just right, I get the lovely snail-trail-looking remnants of too much meal? [Chi said at dinner yesterday that I don't like feeding Ya because he wastes my milk... My silly girl. Where else would I use it, if not for him?]
Right now he's realized it's after 2pm and near the time I'd pick him up from daycare. He spit out his paci and woke [crying] from a peaceful slumber right about the time I retrieve him from his crib in the nursery. I suspect he will want to eat soon, but right now he's content sleeping in my arms as I type one handed. He looks so cute and peaceful. His brown lips are pursed ever so slightly so that his fat tongue is visible between them. The faintest eyebrows are just visible above his closed eyes. His adorable double chin is resting on his chest (gets that from me - - no neck, extra chin - - what a genetic contribution I've made... It's where you see our resemblance to each other, except my version's not adorable). His curly hair is shining after my attempts at moisturizing his scalp; I'm sure my Dad would applaud because it looks obvious that I brushed it.
Oops, digressed again. Anyway, I'm in a miserable mood.
I want desperately to do something, but I misplaced my license and need to save the gas for necessary travels in the coming week. Maybe I should scrap something? I have a stack of three months worth of the four "inspiration" subscriptions waiting for me to peruse them, scrap lift and personlize... Chi once carted her baby books one at a time to school each Friday for show and tell. She's mighty proud to share what Mommy has created for her, and I'm flattered she enjoys seeing the record of our time together. I hope Yadon likes his as much.
I think I see the sun trying to break through outside. Maybe Chi will help me work on a page for her book?

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Keyona said...

The weather always has a way of making us feel gloomy. I know how you feel! :o)