Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday wishes

Tommorow will be Ya's first Thanksgiving and Chi's fifth. I have, like every year, a lot to be thankful for... So for this Wednesday Wishes installment I have the following:

I pray that every day of discoveries for my babies is as special as this one: Chi seeing her baby brother for the first time in the hospital incubator. Or this: Ya discovering that his smile gets major attention from every family member in the immediate vicinity (and warrants the black eye with the flashy thingy to appear in front of Mommy's face). Or this: Chi finally realizing that she can indeed read the words in her books.

I hope that both my kids will posses the giving and thoughtful spirit displayed in this scene: Chi sitting down to her artist's space (my kitchen floor or the coffee table) and creating a fabulous "I love yuo [sic]" card complete with hearts and portraits for someone. Or this: Chi giving the five pieces of candy away to her classmates even when it meant there would be none left for her.

I wish that everyday for my babies is filled with the hope and promise of limitless possibilities. That they will always strive to be the very best they can be and will not let someone else dictate what they can be.

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