Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving... Part 2

Tav is newly engaged, and I can see how happy he is with his Megan nearby. Just seeing the two of them clown around together while we snapped a few "couples" shots was evidence that they're a good fit.
Arthur returned from Texas with a clear college graduation date, a healthy attitude, and looking mighty put together. It is so mind boggling to see this handsome 21-year-old scholar in the place of my baby brother. Chi had to share this with Tav: "You know that's your brother, right?" How cute. She adores her Arthur even if she doesn't quite understand how he's related to each of us.

Yadon celebrated 13 weeks (or three calendar months).
Last year he was a dream and a prayer for Chi. Now I cannot imagine life without Ya in it. I didn't think I'd ever have another child - and certainly didn't really think I could fall in love again. Somehow, though, I've done both. Ya's birth created a beautiful family.

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